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Leading Change and Innovation Certificate

Guide an enterprise through accelerating change with agile, insightful leadership.

Practice and refine the implementation of effective change within your organization. Analyze and solve organizational challenges using a variety of change management tools. Explore your personal leadership style and how to develop and inspire others. With the support of a Rensselaer at Work Master Mentor, broaden your personal capacity to use mentorship as a conduit for change.

Certificates Stack Into Degrees

You can combine three certificates into a customized master’s degree - one that suits your specific career and educational goals. After you complete your choice of certificates, finish an integrative project that brings together everything you have learned into a comprehensive graduate degree. 

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Be The Change Your Organization Needs

Evaluate your organization’s strategic perspective and diagnose and prescribe change initiatives that have the potential to improve performance. Leverage design thinking and change management models to deliver results on specification, on time, and on budget. 

Develop a better understanding of effective change and how to implement it throughout your organization. Approach projects with a focus on the people impacted by new initiatives and explore ways to gain buy-in while reducing resistance to change.

Facilitate purposeful meetings with employees to achieve results. Use reflective listening, SMART goal setting, and planning to align people with organizational and unit direction. 

Leading Change and Innovation Certificate Online Courses

BUSN 6105: Agile Planning and Execution

Apply contemporary project management models to plan and execute sustainable change. Approach projects with a focus on the people impacted by new initiatives. Explore ways to gain buy-in while reducing resistance to change. Employ tactics to increase your chances of successful implementation.

BUSN 6106: Leaders as Change Agents

Use project management techniques to deliver change on specification, on time, and on budget. Learn to use the ADKAR change management model to lead a high-performing team, engage stakeholders, and communicate effectively with any audience type.

BUSN 6107: Changing and Innovating

Change happens through people. Master the use of mentoring and coaching tools to evoke the greatest potential from others. Completion of the course empowers a leadership practice that sustains an organizational culture ready for change and innovation.

Discovering how my organization works and how to choose the best change model given the scenario was powerful. As a result of this program, we were able to implement an important change initiative in real time and obtain results far sooner than expected.

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Richard Chapman

Faculty Spotlight: Richard Chapman

"Through coaching I can be your ally - tell me what you want to work on to reach your full potential as an effective leader. I often reflect back with students, and they say they never in their experience had a class that was so specific to developing their own leadership skills."

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