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MBA for Professionals

Learn to lead from every aspect of an organization with a real-world MBA experience.

Prepare to lead the most dynamic and innovative organizations. Engage, involve, motivate, and lead others to reach their fullest potential. Advance analytical reasoning, planning and decision-making to ensure desired results are achieved. Master the ability to lead, plan, and execute strategy in real-world contexts.

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MBA for Professionals Courses

BUSN 6300: Leaders and Strategy

Deepen capacity as a leader by planning and executing strategy to achieve organizational goals. Build frameworks for decision making that enhance the value creation process. Demonstrate full commitment to ethical decisions and outcomes while deploying mentorship as a tool to lead and inspire others. In preparation for the third project in this course, attend a two-day intensive Rensselaer Leadership Experience (RLE). Start with an individualized leadership assessment. Participate in choreographed individual and group scenarios. Complete a benchmark analysis of effective leadership types and explore how leaders make things happen at work.

BUSN 6305: Leaders in Dynamic Markets

Analyze markets and client needs using quantitative and qualitative frameworks. Develop market strategies for an organization that communicate value using effective messaging and channels. Formulate an approach that anticipates the future state of end user needs. Build budget and sales forecasts that accurately reflect market conditions.

BUSN 6310: Leaders Making Financial Decisions

Evaluate financial reports and metrics to draw recommendations for improvement using intertemporal and cross-competition analysis. Practice optimization and simulation techniques to model the impact recommended changes can make on an organization’s performance. Develop budgets for new products and ventures while evaluating capital sourcing options and costs.

BUSN 6315: Leaders Planning and Executing

Set, evaluate, and improve achievement of key performance indicators. Use benchmarking and analytic techniques to determine how performance can be optimized. Evaluate and transform operational paradigms to improve performance, planning, and execution to ensure the organization performs on time, on budget, and on scope.

BUSN 6320: Leaders Leading People

Influence hierarchies and cultures in an organization by coaching and mentoring others. Create employee evaluation frameworks and develop programs to improve an organization’s performance. Lead strategic plans and policies that value the human element as the catalyst to attain an organization’s desired goals.

BUSN 6325: Leaders Charting the Course

Forge a plan that optimizes people, platforms, and products for a new venture or opportunity in a specific market. The final version includes strategies for budget, operations, and marketing. Prepare and present the plan to a panel of evaluators for viability and fundability.

MBA for Professionals Degree Structure

Courses Credits
BUSN 6300 Leaders and Strategy 6
BUSN 6305 Leaders in Dynamic Markets 6
BUSN 6310 Leaders Making Financial Decisions 6
BUSN 6315 Leaders Planning and Executing 6
BUSN 6320 Leaders Leading People 6
BUSN 6325 Leaders Charting the Course 6
Six fundamental courses (6 credit hours each) 36
Certificate of Choice (three courses/3 credits each) +9
Total degree credit hours: 45

Other Program Highlights

  • Data analytics as a decision augmentation framework is embedded in every course
  • Real-world projects incorporate strategic decision-making, planning and execution
  • Appropriate for professionals from all backgrounds and industries
  • 15 hours per week time commitment
  • 2.5 years to complete

Early in my career, I could see how advanced technical projects were difficult to move beyond the engineering realm. I experienced a big awakening from the Rensselaer at Work MBA program that proved beneficial as I advanced into several senior civilian positions in the Navy. Not only did I learn to master best practice in leadership from every angle of the organization, I also developed an effective approach leading projects through people — many of which I remain proud of today.”

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