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Systems Engineering Certificate

Transform systems and technologies to achieve organizational goals.

Gain a higher-level view of your organization. Perform market and customer analysis to plan and manage for profitability. Apply decision science methods to represent scenarios with systems models.  Through computer simulation, demonstrate process flow, optimization, throughput, and resource utilization. Advocate for the future use of modeling and simulation technologies in the design and operation of complex systems.

Certificates Stack Into Degrees

You can combine three certificates into a customized master’s degree - one that suits your specific career and educational goals. After you complete your choice of certificates, finish an integrative project that brings together everything you have learned into a comprehensive graduate degree.

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Systems Engineering Certificate Online Courses

ENGR 6100: Business Issues for Engineers and Scientists

Investigate considerations for commercializing technology in a new or existing enterprise. Explore strategies to beat the competition using high-tech marketing and sales approaches. Recommend strategies to improve organization performance.

ISYE 6610: Systems Modeling in Decision Sciences

Apply decision science methodologies to technical and business scenarios. Develop a conceptual understanding of these methods and associated implementation skills. Assess the applicability and limitations of decision science models when solving complex problems.

ISYE 6620: Discrete Event Simulation

Develop a computer simulation of a business or manufacturing process of your choice. Begin with a mapping exercise that leads to the creation of a computer model, complete with visualizations and analytics. Explore system factors that impact process performance without disrupting day-to-day operations.

Modeling a real-world scenario in the systems engineering program ultimately deepened my understanding of integrated systems and now empowers my perspective and approach to organizational processes at work.

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