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Rensselaer at Work graduate programs have three start terms (January, May, August) and operate continually throughout the year. Your application is welcome at any time. The application is cloud-hosted, so you can submit the required documents listed below at your convenience.

To complete an application, please submit the following:

Contact the Registrar’s Office (s) from all universities with whom you completed any undergraduate and graduate studies, including course work taken as a non-degree student, and request to have official copies sent to Rensselaer’s Troy Campus – see details below. Student printed or uploaded copies of transcripts are not consideredNote for current Rensselaer students and Rensselaer alumni: We will request your Rensselaer transcripts on your behalf.

  • If you are currently attending a university, a final transcript must be submitted upon completion of your course work. If you have completed your degree, the award of degree must be noted on the transcript. Transcript keys must accompany all transcripts in order to be considered acceptable.
  • Please make arrangements to have the school send your official transcripts directly to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Graduate Admissions by email at gradadmissions@rpi.edu or by postal mail to:
    Admissions Building
    Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
    110 8th Street
    Troy, NY 12180-3590
  • If transcripts of previous or current study do not include the award of degree, include a certified copy of the diploma or other official evidence that the degree has been awarded.

All international transcripts must be recorded in, or officially translated to, English. Transcripts in the original language must accompany all translated documents. Uncertified translations, or translations by students, will not be accepted.

Do not submit secondary school (high school) exam results or transcripts

Your resume should include details about your education, employment, and internship history, as well as any pertinent research experience, awards or designations.

Rensselaer requests two letters of recommendation. You will be asked to enter two recommenders on the online application. Recommendations should be from those who can provide an assessment of your likelihood for success at the graduate level in your field of study. Rensselaer will send an electronic recommendation request to each recommender, who will then be able to submit his/her recommendation electronically.

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When your application is complete, the Graduate Admissions Committee will review your materials and make an admissions decision within two weeks or less. All decisions will be communicated to you by phone and officially confirmed via email. If your application is accepted for admission, you will be asked to confirm your attendance within 30 days of the acceptance date.

If you have any questions about the application, contact us by email at ewp@rpi.edu or call 860-690-4568.

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