Graduate Certificates

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Since 1955, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute has served working professionals who have developed advanced competencies - while on the job - to lead today’s most technical industries. More than 20,000 alumni have moved their careers forward sooner as a result. 

That history continues today: Rensselaer is proud to introduce its Graduate Certificate Programs for Working Professionals: three course, nine credit hour certificates that deliver cutting-edge knowledge gained via project work from the field that directly applies to one’s career while adding value to the employer. 

The Advantages of a Certificate

These certificates are designed for the very motivated, rising stars of any organization or industry, who are inspired by change;

  • a promotion,
  • advanced interest,
  • a renewed area of expertise,
  • a curiosity that could positively shift one’s role at work.

Begin a certificate in January, May, or August and finish in as little as 7 months or, work at your own pace, balancing work and life commitments.

Our advanced digital interface – The RensselaerStudio - allows you to develop specific abilities with greater confidence – wherever you are in the world today, or tomorrow.

Your projects have real-world applications and involve the context of your work, helping you to perfect your abilities while simultaneously providing value back to your employer.

Rensselaer’s Faculty/Practitioners work closely with you, developing projects that showcase your mastery at work, while providing industry expertise, advice, mentorship, and encouragement.

All certificates are “for credit” – so they count. Completing certificates can then be applied towards specific graduate degrees for working professionals.

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