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Advance and Broaden Technical Capacity

Your organization has engineering talent that must solve complex engineering challenges on specification, on time, and on budget. Consider these programs to elevate your organization’s technical expertise solving multi-disciplinary and technical engineering problems.

  • Your employees will learn more advanced methods in modeling using multidimensional finite element analysis and other approaches in simulation and design.
  • They will provide sound, authoritative judgment regarding the validity and reliability of results.
  • Participants will gain familiarity with specific manufacturing applications across multiple industries and products.
  • They will also learn how to implement Agile and Scrum principles to strategically connect the work of multiple sprints while leading a team through the process of systematically identifying, quantifying, and fixing problems.

Explore the coursework and projects in the Mechanical Engineering Degree.

Your employees have the flexibility of creating a customized graduate degree by stacking three Rensselaer at Work certificates and completing them at a rate that suits them. In the end, they earn a graduate degree and three graduate certificates that will add to their credentials.

  • Following the completion of three graduate certificates, your employees will complete an integrative project.
  • Through the integrative project, they can address unresolved workplace issues.
  • Stakeholders from your organization are engaged to help determine project topics and desired outcomes.
  • Professionals completing this degree will draw conclusions from disparate fields and data to inform an overarching inquiry.

Review the graduate certificates and Master of Engineering in Engineering Science.


Leverage a Rensselaer at Work Partnership 

RPI understands the value in your organization’s quality, leadership, engineering, and rotational development programs. We can complement your existing programs with projects, coursework, or workshops that support specific needs you do not have the time or talent to develop. If you have subject matter expert content you would like to develop as a learning and development experience at scale, let’s review how our instructional design team can support you.

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Life is about us. We are here to serve each other. That's how we produce great work. From there, if you're done learning, you're done living. Self-awareness and emotional intelligence should complement the necessary technical and leadership skills we should all develop over the years.

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Dr. John Bennett '76, Chief Executive Officer, CDPHP
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