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Program Management Certificate

Lead programs to superior performance and success.

Cultivate your expertise in leading complex programs in a world of uncertainty and disruption. Apply proven frameworks within authentic contexts to master effective leadership across the program lifecycle. Build greater confidence in addressing cost, schedule, supplier, and technical challenges within multiple, interrelated projects.

Certificates Stack Into Degrees

You can combine three certificates into a customized master’s degree - one that suits your specific career and educational goals. After you complete your choice of certificates, finish an integrative project that brings together everything you have learned into a comprehensive graduate degree.

Address cost, schedule, and performance challenges across multiple, interrelated projects.

For aspiring and current program managers who are driven to improve alignment between day-to-day decisions and the strategic objectives of the employer. Gain experience in establishing operations, processes, and systems to evaluate and perform as a servant leader and skilled negotiator to face financial and contractual challenges head-on.

Program Management Certificate Courses 

BUSN 6500: Programs and Strategy

Gain hands-on experience in the strategic planning process that ties program outcomes to the organization’s mission, vision, and values. Learn methods to translate strategy into business goals and objectives. Define what program success looks like for the organization and adopt new tools to ensure alignment is achieved across all organization levels.

BUSN 6501: Program Performance Planning

Practice various techniques to develop effective program plans in the proposal phase. Learn approaches to improve capture success and address risk and opportunities. Develop and structure a program hierarchy to create a complementary ensemble of projects, technology, and people. Establish the basis for technical, schedule, and cost performance monitoring and control throughout program execution.

BUSN 6502: Program Execution Management

Through real-life scenarios, become immersed in resolving the unavoidable challenges of program execution. Share and practice strategies and best-in-class tactics to keep customers satisfied and the program aligned with real-time needs. Expand negotiation and conflict resolution skills specific to managing modifications in cost, schedule, scope, and contract requirements.


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It is noticeably clear to me that RPI takes the time to survey industry to shape program offerings. Each focus area of the Program Management Graduate Certificate is 100% in alignment with the challenges I see within my department and the enterprise at large.

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Michael Hughes

Faculty Spotlight: Michael Hughes

"We continue to hear that program managers experience a "trial by fire" when taking on the role. Through the enthusiastic participation of Rensselaer at Work's organization partners and RPI alumni, we've crafted a graduate certificate that was built from the collective wisdom of many seasoned program managers nationwide"

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