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RPI's ProCourse in Smart Manufacturing FAQ Videos

We invite you to explore RPI's non-credit, 5-week online ProCourse in Smart Manufacturing. Watch the videos below to hear from RPI Instructor Mentor, Jim Wetzel, strategic advisor to the CEO of CESMII - the Smart Manufacturing Institute. In these short videos (1-3 minutes), you will hear responses to frequently asked questions from professionals who are interested in leading their organization's digital transformation. 

In this short video, Jim describes what smart manufacturing is, and what it is not. He also explains the concept, using something we all interact with - GPS navigation on our smart phones. 

Professionals considering the Smart Manufacturing ProCourse often wonder - is this experience for me, and how would it serve the teams I support and lead? 

CESMII's Smart Manufacturing Acceleration Roadmap Framework eases the adoption of digital transformation in your organization. Jim explains how the roadmap functions. 

For someone considering the course for themselves or their teams, Jim explains how professionals participate in the course. 

Jim explains the weekly time commitment of the Smart Manufacturing ProCourse.

The overall goal of the course is to accelerate the results you need to make advancements in your operations sooner than later. 

Jim describes how participants will assess their organization's current state, develop and align a future state vision, and create a roadmap to achieve the organization's business objectives. 

Here, Jim describes how sponsoring a team to the course will improve productivity, develop greater collaboration and cultivate thought leadership - from inside your organization.  

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