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Business Intelligence Certificate

Differentiate intelligence from hunches, turn unknowns into knowns, and make the best use of data possible.

Leverage the power of analytics to gain deeper insights into complex business issues. Complete the Rensselaer at Work online Business Intelligence graduate certificate to frame questions for analysis, collect and prepare data, and build models with confidence to effectively solve problems, support decisions and form strategy.

Certificates Stack Into Degrees

You can combine three certificates into a customized master’s degree - one that suits your specific career and educational goals. After you complete your choice of certificates, finish an integrative project that brings together everything you have learned into a comprehensive graduate degree.

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Respond to Business Problems Using Advanced Analytical Frameworks

Engage in data preparation, data visualization, and analytic techniques to make specific and defensible recommendations for applications including customer analysis, competitive analysis, financial forecasting, customer decision models, and the development of performance dashboards. Simulate outcomes and establish KPIs to achieve results within your organization.

Business Intelligence Certificate Online Courses 

ENGR 6200: Data-Driven Decision Making

Employ analytic models using simple and multivariate methodologies to validate results and develop recommendations. Use data wrangling and preparation methods to formulate your analysis. Scope and frame questions so that informed decisions can be made.

ENGR 6215: Business Intelligence Analysis

Use analytical tools to gain deeper insights into complex business issues. Apply a Rensselaer Analytic Approach to real-world business considerations. Tune models to represent a current state and adjust these models to represent a desired future state as underlying assumptions change.

ENGR 6216: Modeling Business Decisions

Work with an Instructor Mentor to develop a big data inquiry model for a complex business issue, question, or problem of your choice. Over a semester, frame the question, develop a hypothesis, collect and prepare data for analysis, perform the analysis, and present actionable recommendations for your organization.

I think we all have self-doubt: Am I able to do this? Am I good enough to do this? For me, I needed a little kick of confidence. When we started doing regression analysis, everything just kind of clicked for me. I was able to directly apply it to what I was already doing at work and my job became much more efficient.

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Christopher Tong

Faculty Spotlight: Christopher Tong

"To make the best business decisions, professionals must fully utilize the information and resources that a company can provide. Not just to do the work, but to understand, interpret and derive results so that the organization can move forward and be competitive."

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