Engineering Science, M.S.

decorative imageDesign your own personal Master of Science in Engineering Science degree from Rensselaer, one that fits your specific career and educational goals.

As a leader, you have aspirations – and for those aspirations to become a reality, you have to address the gaps in your education and experience. With a Rensselaer Master of Science in Engineering Science degree, you will receive precisely the theoretical knowledge and practical application you need to change the world.

After you complete your choice of three certificates, you execute an integrative project that brings together everything you have learned in the individual certificates into a comprehensive whole.

Degree Information

  • The program results in a Master of Science in Engineering Science degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.
  • Apply and enroll in the first certificate of your choice to get started; you can opt in or out of the Engineering Science program at any time before beginning the Integrative Project
  • All courses are delivered using Rensselaer’s digital classroom – the RensselaerStudio.
  • Degrees are ten courses, and can be completed in two years or less
  • Complete projects that address real-world business challenges
  • Master new abilities and techniques that can be leveraged to elevate your role at work.
  • Projects involve the context of your work, helping you to perfect your abilities while simultaneously providing value back to your employer
  • Faculty Practitioners provide industry experience, advice, mentorship, and encouragement
  • Students have the flexibility of completing just one course at a time, a graduate certificate, or stacking three certificates in to this customized master’s degree
  • All courses and certificates are offered for graduate-level credit and require admission to Rensselaer’s graduate programs
  • Programs are designed so that you can fully participate in classes from anywhere in the world.
  • Some certificates have admissions requirements and restrictions. Talk to a member of our enrollment management team to learn more.
  • The program results in a Master of Science in Engineering Science degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Stack three graduate certificates with an Integrative Project to create your own Master of Science in Engineering Science.

Managing Technical Organizations

BUSN 6240: Managing Dynamic Organizations

BUSN 6241: Markets, Strategy and People

BUSN 6242: Evaluating Organizational Performance

Leading Change and Innovation

BUSN 6250: Agile Planning and Execution

BUSN 6251: Change Agents in Dynamic Organizations

BUSN 6252: Changing and Innovating

Business Intelligence

ENGR 6200: Data-driven Decision Making

ENGR 6215: Business Intelligence Analysis

ENGR 6216: Modeling Business Decisions

Production Analytics

ENGR 6200: Data-driven Decision Making

ENGR 6205: Production & Logistics Analysis

ENGR 6206: Modeling Production Decisions

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

ENGR 6220: Data Architecture

ENGR 6221: Machine Learning Frameworks

ENGR 6222: Deep Learning in AI Systems

Supply Chain and Logistics

ISYE 6600: Design of Manufacturing Systems and Supply Chains

ISYE 6210: Theory of Production Scheduling

MGMT 6350: Supply Chain Analytics

Systems Engineering

ENGR 6100: Business Issues for Engineers and Scientists

ISYE 6610: Systems Modeling in Decision Sciences

ISYE 6620: Discrete Event Simulation

Lean Quality in Production

ENGR 6230: Lean Six Sigma I

ENGR 6231: Lean Six Sigma II

ISYE 6970: Professional Project

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