Welcome to Rensselaer!

Rensselaer EWP students have access to RPI's various online systems. These systems will help you look up class times, access online databases, check your RPI email and more. Here's a breakdown of what's available to you:

Student Information System (SIS)

This is Rensselaer's administrative interface; from this site you can register for classes, search for, add and drop classes, view your schedule, check who your advisor is, check on your grades and view your transcript. You can also perform other tasks like updating your contact information or changing your PIN. Consider this your portal into RPI's academic offerings.


Every RPI student is given their own email address at rpi.edu. Your RPI email account is the offical means of communication from us to you. Use the webmail site to quicky access your email from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Learning Management System (LMS)

Some classes at RPI may involve collaborating with other students online. When your course's instructor has done so, you can access class content through LMS.


This is the Course Catalog and Student Handbook for students at enrolled in programs at the Hartford campus and Groton site. Important sections on academic information and regulations, tuition and payment, and the administration of the Hartford campus can be found in the Catalog. The Student Handbook contains information on the rules, regulations, rights, and responsibilities of students, and the resources and policies of Rensselaer's Hartford Campus and Groton Site.

Course Schedule

The course schedule is a list of classes currently being offered, organized by term and discipline.

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