Weekend M.B.A. (WEMBA) Class 16
Tackles Community Service Project

Pictured here are class members (left to right) Peter Wolff, Joe Martone, Lisa Newell, Jacek Spychalski, Abiy Eshetu, Dana Pine, Thaung Htut, and Kevin Paskale

Members of WEMBA Class 16 braved frigid temperatures to participate in a community service project by volunteering for Habitat for Humanity work on Garden Street in Hartford on January 27. The volunteer team kept warm by taking breaks in their cars and standing next to a blowtorch on site. Despite the cold weather, the team was able to accomplish several tasks including constructing decks for two homes, working on siding, and nailing some interior framing.

A few of the members of the class shared their thoughts about this Rensselaer community service project:

“Habitat for Humanity was the perfect team activity for us. We were able to observe leadership in a diverse organization where the workforce changed on a daily basis, and we could also demonstrate our leadership skills by providing guidance on individual task-oriented job site functions. Teams were formed for a task, then re-formed as tasks finished and new ones started.  We worked both with our Rensselaer group and with other volunteers from many organizations, and in the end we felt immense satisfaction that the fruits of our labor were tangible structures. What a great experience!”
- Lisa M. Newell (’07 M.B.A.)

“In addition to strengthening our academic backgrounds at Rensselaer, we were obliged to consider our stewardship roles in the business community worldwide and in our immediate locale. The habitat project was an excellent opportunity for our close-knit WEMBA group to serve in the community. It was a great experience to work with my classmates on the project. I truly enjoyed it and had a lot of fun.”
- Kevin M. Paskale (’07 M.B.A.)

“Throughout our Rensselaer WEMBA program our cohort class continued to rise to the occasion demonstrating the power of team work, a principle stressed continually. The Habitat for Humanity community project involved working outside in the middle of winter. This project provided us with an opportunity to apply our acquired skills and to successfully meet the goals of the project as a team.”
- Peter H. Wolff (’87 M.S. Electrical Engineering, ’03 M.Eng. Computer and Systems Engineering, ’07 M.B.A.)

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