Wei Wei

Wei Wei

Wei Wei
Program Manager
Otis Engineering Center (OEC)
Otis Elevator Company – Worldwide Engineering

(a United Technologies Company)
Current Rensselaer Student in the Weekend M.B.A. (WEMBA) Cohort

Wei Wei has over ten years of extensive international engineering experience as a Program Manager and Senior Mechanical Engineer including work at Otis Elevator Company China Engineering Center in Tianjin, China, and at Bluelight Otis Elevator Traction Machine Co. (BOMCO) Ltd. in China. He was transferred by Otis from their China operations to Otis in Farmington, Connecticut in July 2008. Wei earned a M.Sc. in Mechatronics Engineering from Tianjin University, China. He decided to pursue an M.B.A. degree at Rensselaer after colleagues at Otis recommended the Institute and Wei learned more about RPI’s world-renowned programs.

Wei is enjoying his Rensselaer studies emphasizing that he is part of an excellent cohort with great teamwork. His professors and classmates have been instrumental in his efforts to assimilate and are always willing to help him understand difficult course material. He is particularly pleased to be learning analysis for engineering and noted that he uses his statistics coursework on-the-job. In addition, learning about company operation of fundamental cost structure to calculate profit has been very valuable to him at Otis.

Wei has much to offer his peers as he has earned considerable professional recognition and awards. He was presented with the “2005 Otis China President’s Award” for leading the fire certificate project in New Zealand which saved the company multi-million dollars in the overseas market. He also received corporate recognition for leading both the Machine Integrated Product Developing (IPD) Group and the Elevator IPD Group in passing global reviews.

Many Education for Working Professionals (EWP) students juggle their personal, academic and professional lives, and Wei is no exception. He described a hectic 2-3 month period when he was finishing his master’s degree in China, preparing for and taking the M.B.A. preparatory exam, and working on the most critical part of project at Otis, when he and his wife welcomed a newborn baby girl. Similar to other EWP students, Wei has put in his share of 12+ hour workdays. He is always eager to learn new things as he keeps his focus on how his education can be applicable now and the potential for the future of his career.

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