Harold Haugeto

Harold Haugeto (’00 M.S. Mechanical Engineering)
Engineering Supervisor
VIRGINIA Class Submarine Program,

General Dynamics-Electric Boat

As graduation day from my college grew closer, I was torn between pursuing a Masters in Mechanical Engineering full time or joining the work force. I wanted to gain more knowledge at a higher level, but I also wanted to apply what I have learned. My solution to this dilemma was discovered after learning about the close relationship Electric Boat (EB) has with Rensselaer at Hartford.  

Rensselaer at Hartford helped me take my career to the next level. As a young engineer, I chose courses that were applicable to the project I was working on at the time. For example, the Heat Transfer and Fluids courses I took were instrumental in helping me understand and develop new concepts that are being incorporated into the next generation ship design. Both the professors at Rensselaer and the more senior engineers at EB helped me take my engineering knowledge and skill to the next level much faster. This mix between academia and applied engineering made it click for me.

A few years after receiving my Master’s from Rensselaer, I was in zone to sit for the Professional Engineer license exam. My job at EB had me doing engineering in a specific subject and I needed some help with the breadth of topics on the exam. I again turned to Rensselaer. The review course offered by Rensselaer and taught by my professors refreshed me on the topics and helped me pass the exam on the first try.

I am now a part of the management team at Electric Boat. As a supervisor, I have to make decisions on the broad spectrum of engineering subjects. I have confidence in myself due to my strong foundation in engineering built with the help from Rensselaer at Hartford.

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