Bob Albright

Robert R. Albright, II, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Lally School of Management and Technology

The eminent domain case in New London, Connecticut, was a story that gripped media outlets across the country. Through all the passionate debate, only one person was appointed by Connecticut Governor M. Jodi Rell to serve as a mediator in the case. That mediator is Rensselaer’s own Robert R. Albright, II, Ph.D. According to Dr. Albright, “Governor Rell appointed me a mediator to see if an ‘amicable’ agreement could be worked out to have the remaining homeowners, those who fought the eminent domain, leave without being evicted. This was accomplished.”

The Department of Economic and Community Development retained Professor Albright to help move the City of New London and the New London Development Corporation (NLDC) toward a resolution regarding the development of the Fort Trumbull area. Dr. Albright co-authored the paper, “Resolving Conflict Associated With Re-development: The New London City Council – The New London Development Corporation Conflict Regarding the Fort Trumbull Project.” Read the article HERE.

Governor Rell said in a written statement, “All of the parties – the city, the development corporation, and the state – have far too much invested in this project to let it fail. Bob Albright is an expert on bringing people together and finding common ground – he literally helped write the book on the subject – and I’m pleased that he is willing to step into this situation.”

The book Governor Rell refers to is the one co-authored by Professor Albright, titled, The Complete Guide to Conflict Resolution in the Workplace, published by AMACOM, a division of the American Management Association Press. This comprehensive book shows why it is so much more valuable to resolve conflict than it is to eradicate it, and it provides the tools and strategies to do just that. To learn more about the book, please see:

“Mr. Albright is nationally-renowned for his ability to negotiate settlements to complex issues. His expert mediation skills and outstanding background in negotiations made him my top choice in the past and my top choice now,” stated Governor Rell.

Some pretty impressive compliments paid to Dr. Albright by Connecticut’s highest ranking government official. Well-regarded across the country, and teaching at Rensselaer! Get to know Professor Albright!

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