August 5, 2009
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Rensselaer at Hartford Adjunct Professor Publishes Book on the Skills Gap and Creating a Culture of Competence in the Global Workforce

HARTFORD, CONN Gregory M. Sparzo, Senior Program Manager, Marketing and Business Development, and Adjunct Professor, Lally School of Management and Technology, Rensselaer Hartford Campus, authored the book, The PWAC Manifesto: Understanding the Skills Gap and Creating a Culture of Competence. The book is a compelling analysis of how the ongoing shortage of skilled, high achieving “People With A Clue (PWAC)” will impact companies and the economy at large.

“I wrote the PWAC Manifesto when I realized that we were in a profound period of change in the quality of our public education system and in the quantity of high-skilled, value-adding people available to American companies,” said Sparzo. “During my research I learned about the macroeconomic ‘big picture’ issues as well as the microeconomic issues related to the success of individual firms. The next 20 years will be a challenging time for companies who must figure out a way to make their companies a ‘magnet for smart people,’ to retain them and attract new ones. Those that are successful will be able to change the balance of power in their industry,” according to Sparzo.

The book was recently published by PWAC Press. Sparzo, a Rensselaer alumnus having earned an M.S. in Management in 1993, came up with the idea for the book from one of the courses he was teaching at Rensselaer. He was the instructor for the Starting Up A New Venture course offered in the Weekend M.B.A. Class 16. It took him about one year to complete the publication. To learn more about the book and read the PWAC Manifesto Blog, please see: http://pwacmanifesto.wordpress.com.

MEDIA NOTE: Greg Sparzo is available for interviews. Please contact the Office of Communications at Rensselaer’s Hartford Campus to schedule a time.

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