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Alumni Hall of Fame
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Mordecai T. Endicott
Class of 1868

The Rensselaer Alumni Hall of Fame was created to honor the past while celebrating all generations of Rensselaer pioneers.

Rensselaer's Hartford Campus has an impressive display of large plaques depicting the 68 Hall of Fame inductees, located on Level 3. Each week we will feature a different inductee on this page with a reproduction of his/her plaque.

Read more about Mordecai Endicott at the RPI Alumni Hall of Fame site.

The inaugural class was inducted in September 1998. Eight additional classes were inducted in October 1999, September 2001, September 2003, September 2005, September 2007, October 2009, September 2011, and October 2013. Etched glass windows have been placed centrally on the Rensselaer campus (in Troy, New York) to commemorate their contributions.


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