Professors James Stodder and Lou Gingerella
Peteros Audience
Professor Peteros
Attendees at Seminar Hall

This live event took place on November 13, 2012, one week after the 2012 Presidential election. Forty-seven people were in attendance in Seminar Hall at Rensselaer's Hartford Campus.

Professor Randall Peteros acted as moderator, with Professors James Stodder and Lou Gingerella giving opposing viewpoints on the following five open-ended questions. Click on the link to listen to the audio. Note the duration of each segment.

  1. The election is finally over. What is your view of the potential impact of the national elections on the nation's economy and on the global economy? Are there any specific winners or losers in terms of sectors of the economy and why? (The audio for this portion includes introductory comments by Professor Peteros.) AUDIO-14:53>>
  2. How important an issue is the operating and accumulated budget deficit on future economic growth? AUDIO-23:37>>
  3. What tax policies should be implemented to reduce unemployment and spur economic growth? Do you think the emphasis of the new administration should be on higher taxes or lower spending in order to promote economic growth? AUDIO-28:03>>
  4. Do you view China's economy as more of an opportunity or more of a challenge for the United States? AUDIO-25:52>>
  5. What do you think is the role of business schools in preparing the next generation of business and government leaders? AUDIO-8:37>>
  6. Q & A, Part 1 AUDIO-19:59>>
  7. Q & A, Part 2 AUDIO-15:44>>

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Professors Gingerella and Stodder used slides to illustrate various points of their discourse.

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