Grievance and Hearing Procedure

Given the attributes of Rensselaer's Hartford Campus students, complaints, problems, and disputes can generally be resolved through individual discussions between those involved. When such negotiations prove unsatisfactory, a student or instructor may file a grievance.

A fair and timely resolution of grievances is important to both students and faculty. Therefore, the following procedure and approximate timetable have been established:


*An appeal to the Acting Dean of the Hartford Campus requires a written letter explaining the reasons for the appeal. The Director of Student Records will provide a complete copy of all documents and decisions of the Faculty Committee on Academic Standing. The Acting Dean reviews these materials along with the letter of appeal and provides a written decision to the individual appealing.

For students who have exhausted all institutional grievance procedures, the following state and accrediting agencies are available to handle complaints (note that these agencies will not consider complaints until all institutional grievance procedures have been followed):

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