Rensselaer at Hartford Mission Statement

The mission of Rensselaer at Hartford is to provide excellence in education for working professionals by delivering a world-class learning experience with 21st century content to prepare students to lead in an increasingly technological world.

Our History in Brief

Throughout its history, Rensselaer at Hartford has continued to honor a commitment to serve the educational needs of experienced professionals. Rensselaer at Hartford (formerly The Hartford Graduate Center) was founded in 1955 at a time when rapidly changing technologies in the aircraft and defense industries were creating a critical shortage of engineers and other professionals in the Greater Hartford area. The Hartford Graduate Center merged with Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 1997 and became a branch campus known as Rensselaer at Hartford. Rensselaer has also been serving the educational needs of the working professionals in southeastern Connecticut since 1977 at its Groton site.

Updated: 2017-04-12, 16:30